Město: Christchurch (or anywhere else if agreed)

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After one year of living and travelling in New Zealand I am going to sell my car and little house on wheels. It has been already used by few backpackers but it is in very good condition and it is newly upgraded with self-contained certification for 2 people. I enjoyed my time with this car a lot as it is super easy to drive both in cities and countryside (I was driving it around whole both islands with no issues apart one flat tyre in East Cape lighthouse). It is going to be living like in a villa if you travel solo or a nice cozy house if you are couple and enjoy a lot of cuddles :)


– price: 5000 NZD

– availability: from 24 February

– where: Christchurch (or anywhere else if agreed)

– If you are serious about buying the car I am willing to sell it sooner or anywhere else in New Zealand. So don’t hesitate to contact me and ask for further information!


– year 2004

– 250.000 km

– Petrol Engine

– Automatic Gear

– all 4 brand new tyres (spare tyre is second-hand but good enough to get you to any safe spot)

– WOF: 27.11.2020

– REGo: 27.04.2020

– SC certificate: 19.12.2023 (valid for 2 people)

– 2 seats

– Air-Condition

– Two sunroof windows (great for watching the stars while falling asleep)


– good size for good sleep (if you are too tall one side of the bed can be extended easily by adding piece of foam or other soft thing)

– bed frame is covered with foam tiling square for extra comfortable sleep

– front seats don’t need to be reclined to make the bed (you don’t have to rearrange your space everyday)

– removable soft mattress covers for easy maintenance

– pillows, blankets and one light sleeping bag

– bed frame behind driver’s seat is retractable and make a little cosy seating area (good for reading, some computer work or can be good shelter in rainy days)


– the whole area under the bed frame is easily accessed

– one big box with lid

– four square-shaped boxes for storing clothes or food

– another two smaller containers for additional storage and better arrangement

– there is still enough space between storage boxes where you can keep your packing cubes, backpacks or shopping bags


– 25l fresh water tank with shand pump which is very easy to use, 25l waste water tank with sink

– camping cooker works perfect with any size of “screw it on” gas bottles (it is not ultralight but it can be used for multiple day hiking as well)

– mid-size sturdy cooling bag

– two mid-size pots with lids, one big and deep frying pan with lid, one small frying pan, strainer, grater, stainless bowl, coffee maker

– basic cutlery, dishes, plastic boxes


– chains (in case you would like to spend winter in snow areas)

– car manual (which can be super handy when you need to find out some important info about the car and don’t have a phone service)

– removable curtains

– folding table and two folding chairs

– clean portable toilet

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